Why does your company need a website?

“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business” – Bill Gates.

How often have you searched on Google for an Italian restaurant with great pizza and pasta and good reviews and ratings?

People these days tend to research businesses, services, and products on the internet before making their final choices. However, a lot of companies in South Africa don’t have a website, phone number, or even details of where they are located. This should be the #1 reason why business owners should want a website.

Below we provide five reasons why your business should have a website.

  1. Having a website means your business is always open.

Imagine having your business online 24/7, informing your potential clients what you do and all that you have to offer, all day long. And better yet, if you have an e-commerce website, better known as a shopping website, your clients can shop directly online without you having to be at work at odd hours, even on public holidays. With service-oriented businesses, your customers will be able to book their appointments online and not only during office hours. Owing to load shedding, a lot of companies are negatively affected by power cuts and can’t attend to clients in regular work hours, so having your business online gives your business the edge to stay ahead of your competitors and cover up any losses a power cut might cause. Therefore, The Pink Pixel provides the best service for all your needs.

  1. A website adds credibility to your business.

Information is crucial, and people out there do their research before they decide to work with any company. Your website is your first impression. And first impressions count. How will anyone know you exist or even know what you do if you don’t tell them and show them? Having a good website will boost your credibility, make you seem more trustworthy, and people will view you as a legitimate business. The Pink Pixel brings your vision to life. Our marketing experts help you to promote your business efficiently.

  1. Having a website will save you time

Whether you are sending proposals, taking calls, or answering questions about your business from your potential customers, this all takes time. Your website can save you time by providing the answers to all these common questions with just a click of a button. The Pink Pixel focuses on this need and provides the best design and marketing help.

  1. You are in control of what people think about your brand

Many businesses have already been unknowingly reviewed online, and sometimes it’s been negative. But by having a website, you inform people what your business is about. This way, you can target the type of customers you are looking for, and not let others control what people think about your business. We build the best brand images; our team is very professional and has answers to all of your queries.

  1. It’s not as difficult or as expensive as you think

The Pink Pixel provides you with excellent service and will take care of anything and everything, from logo design, social media marketing to flyer designing. We also offer advertising packages. We will help in bringing your vision to life, from creating brand awareness and your online portal to building your brand.

Your business needs a website that looks attractive. It’s your business’s first impression and first impressions matter. With a website, there is a massive opportunity to grow your brand and business. Bring your business online today. Get a website.

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Understanding that not having a website means your business is losing credibility and will appear less legitimate. Be proud of your brand and tell the world what you do. Let The Pink Pixel help you get your business online.

Seema Rijhumal


If everyone else is online, why aren’t you? by Seema Rijhumal.

Featured in Mail and Guardian August 2019.