Linux Professional Institute and BSD Certification Group join efforts

The Linux Professional Institute, (LPI), the world’s largest certification organisation for Linux and open source professionals, and the BSD Certification Group (BSDCG), the organisation which sets the certification standard for BSD system administrators, have announced the merging of BSDCG with LPI. The partnership includes the creation of a BSD Advisory Committee which will work with LPI and the BSD community.

“The new partnership is mutually beneficial,” said LPI Executive Director G Matthew Rice, “LPI will better fulfil its mission of advocating for the use of all free and open source systems”. According to BSDCG President Dru Lavigne, “BSD Unix use is growing rapidly and globally with BSD professionals involved in every industry. Joining efforts with LPI will help us scale our exam delivery while maintaining the quality of the certification programme.”

“We have seen a steady growth for BSD training in Southern Africa over the past 18 months and it is great news that LPI and BSDCG are merging to provide relevant certification for the BSD community and employers,” said Mark Clarke from LPI Southern Africa.

One of the first tasks of the merger is the 2018 launch of the next version of the BSDA certification exam which matches the requirements of the Open Technology certification track. Current BSDA certificates will continue to be recognised and will have the option, upon request, to have their exam credentials hosted on the LPI Candidate portal.

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Seema Rijhumal

Featured in IT Web January 2018.