Jumping Bean and Tymlez partner to bring enterprise blockchain training on SUSE Linux

Most businesses recognise that blockchain technology will alter their line of business in the very near future, yet most still have to select a blockchain platform to develop applications on, and even fewer have the required skills available to build solutions using blockchain technology.

In response to the needs of business Tymlez, which provides an enterprise blockchain platform, has partnered with SUSE and Jumping Bean to deliver a holistic solution which addresses ease-of-use, enterprise reliability and robustness and skills development.

“Blockchain is set to disrupt the way enterprises track, manage and transact across the entire supply chain. The question all businesses should be asking is how they can use blockchain to give their business a competitive advantage, which is where SUSE and Tymlez come in,” says Mark Clarke, Technology Sensai at Jumping Bean.

Tymlez provides an easy-to-use and deploy blockchain architecture while SUSE provides a robust container-as-a-service (CAAS) platform and Jumping Bean will provide courses and training for skills development.

“Digital transformation is a key challenge for all businesses at this time,” says Clarke. “Businesses need to transform in order to remain relevant in their particular fields, and blockchain is one of the key technologies that will enable this transformation. Tymlez has developed a scalable and secure blockchain platform for enterprises.”

Tymlez is also container-ready and integrates with SUSE’s Container as a Service (SUSE CAAS) platform to better manage blockchain deployments. Using the CAAS platform, blockchain deployments can be better managed and resources allocated as and when needed.

“Understanding how these technologies can be used to both transform enterprises as well as prepare the business for a digital future are key skills which is why we’re excited to be hosting these sessions introducing the SUSE blockchain platform,” says Clarke.

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